Page 8 - Institutional Presentation LASO
P. 8


                                                                            WE OVERCOME

                                                                            ANY OBSTACLE.”
                                                                            THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF LASO.

                                                                            Based on a versatile fleet of about 1800 appliances with
                                                                            a large operational range, a deep technical know-how
                                                                            obtained over the years and a highly experienced and
                                                                            qualified workforce of approximately 750 employees,
                                                                            LASO became a leading brand in the market of normal
                                                                            and abnormal haulage in Portugal and internationally.

                                                                            LASO stands out for its focus on the specific needs of its
                                                                            clients, nationally and internationally, finding solutions
                                                                            for every challenge.

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