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Expansion and modernisation
                               works of the Maintenance and        Establishment of the Operations
                               Fleet Centre of Casais da Serra,          Centre of Madrid.                 Construction of Laso New
                                       Lisboa.                       Opening of Offices and Park.               Headquarters.

                                   2014                                 2016                                  2018

                 2013                                 2015                                   2017

           Establishment and development         1  participation of LASO in the        Establishment of the Operations
            of partnerships and companies         largest international fair in the   Centre of Oporto. Opening of Offices,
           in Africa (Mozambique, Morocco,         field of abnormal haulage:         Park and Workshop. Establishment of
             South Africa, Senegal, etc.).      “Breakbulk”, in Antwerp, Belgium.      LASO Maroc. Opening of Offices and
                                                                                      Park. Establishment of the Operations
                                                                                             Centre of Valencia.

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