Page 10 - Institutional Presentation LASO
P. 10


                 To  provide  a  leading  service  in  the  field  of  load  haulage,
                 recognised nationally and internationally by the ability to
                 provide solutions and to exceed its clients’ expectations while
                 respecting the environment and fostering its employees’
                 satisfaction and professional fulfilment – demonstrate positive

                 To consolidate its position among the leading players in the field
                 of load haulage nationally and internationally by increasing its
                 presence and overcoming obstacles anywhere in the world.

                 Exceed  clients’  expectations;  invest  in  fleet  modernisation;
                 respect the environment; focus on the quality of service
                 provision; value people; invest in training and innovation;
                 promote principles of loyalty and ethics; internalise and
                 develop concepts of sustainability and social responsibility.

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