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611 Tons in Transport



Last night, from 6 to 7 September, the transport of 1 EFACEC Factory Transformer, regular customer for this type of specialized service, to the Port of Leixões took place.

The Transformer measures 7,74m x 3,83m x 5,55m and 340Tons. The total transport measures reached 75.00m x 5.03m x 6.00m x 611 tons.

Transport of the Transformer lasted about ten hours and involved the participation of several dozen people, in particular, and in addition to LASO, teams responsible for traffic control and diversion, monitoring overpasses and a police escort, since the Via Norte was cut off in the north / south direction during the operation.

Another obstacle overcome by this fantastic team of professionals. We congratulate all LASO employees who have embodied the soul of the company and dedicated themselves with competence, professionalism and commitment to another great achievement, a great transportation, a service completed with greatness and success.

The capacity of Portuguese companies and their employees should also be highlighted. We have first-line technology and highly qualified technicians. We are able to compete with all the major factories and companies in the world.