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National Day of Prevention and Safety at Work


LASO Transportes SA follows a policy of prevention and safety at work at all levels from Top Management to the base.
We have been able to provide a high quality service, ensuring that the protection of workers is permanently present, with the adoption of correct practices and adequate safety procedures in the operations, which, together with the existing means of collective protection and individual protection, allow the execution Services of high complexity and of high degree of security risk, without the physical integrity of the employees is put in question.
We can prove this with a fairly low accident rate, practically residual, during the loading, transport and unloading operations in which LASO is involved in the day-to-day operations.
The issues of Prevention and Safety at Work is something that is assumed by the Organization not as something imposed by Clients or by the legislation in force, but something that is part of LASO's DNA and its process of cultural development.