LASO - Special Transport

Some of the Major Specialized Transportation Operations Performed

Wind Turbine Blades


Transport Load:

: V126, 3 MW, wind turbine blades, of 62m in length, 2,55m in width, 4m inheight.

Weight: 15t.

Distance Covered:

Daimiel – Porto (Motril) - 350 km

Transport characteristics:

Equipment used:

  • 12 Tractors;

  • 12 trailers (extendible up to 63m in length);

Total Transport Dimensions: 68m in length; 4m in length; 4,30m in height.

Total Weight:  42t.

People involved in the transport:

  • Own resources: 12 drivers; 24 pilots;

  • Police escort throughout the whole route;