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166 Tones on Self-propelled



Arrival of the Metal Structure to Petrogal's Refinery in Self-propelled Equipment.

LASO porches in action!



Preparing to move a piece with 166 Tons. Transshipment for Self-propelled with ENERPAC Porches.

Special Transport


Special Transport of Metallic Structure between Vale de Cambra (Arsopi) and Leça da Palmeira (Refinery of Petrogal) and return.
Total Transport Dimensions: 70,00m x 5.60m x 5.30m - 289,9 Tons.

F.Ferro - Odeleite



Transportation of housing with 11.00m x 3.70m x 2.60m - 3 tons, between F.Ferro and Odeleite.

Gardunha - V.Castelo



Transport and movement of P. E. Gardunha - Viana do Castelo.
Total Transport Measures: 45.00m in length and 3.5m in Width. About 35 Tons.

New Equipment



LASO continues to invest in the Renewal and Acquisition of Fleet.
Four new VOLVO Equipment at the service of our Department of Cranes.

Carballiño - Marín



Wind Power: Tubes, Carballiño / Marín, Spain.
Total Transportation Measures:
37.00m x 4.70m - 130 Tons

Guadalajara - LLeida



Transport of 1 Sandvik QA451 Machine with measures of 18,37m x 3,20m x 3,55m and 34 Tons of Weight.
This service was carried out between Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara) and Bellpuig (Lleida).

Portel - Aveiro



Transport of a floating house, with 16.00m x 6.00m x 4.20m and 28 Tons of Weight, between Portel and Aveiro.

Certification and Quality



LASO successfully renewed another certification process by an accredited external entity (FORS).

FORS is a voluntary accreditation system that promotes best practices in companies operating in the transport market.

The certification covers safety, efficiency and environmental protection criteria, encouraging companies to measure, monitor and improve their performance.

New LASO Institutional Presentation



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Laso Abnormal Loads and its affiliates with a very preponderant roll within the Spanish borders.

All manufacturers of the wind energy sector are very keen with the Spanish Market.
Winning parties launched offers with the maximum possible discount, so the Ministry manages to save the maximum amount contemplated by the regulations that developed this auction, most likely the last one before 2020 when the country should have 20% renewable energy production due to the assumed commitment with Brussels.
Laso AB assumed close to the wind manufacturers the commitment for inland transports of more than 1 GIGAWATT, creating conditions to achieve high delivery rates in order to be a success for all involved parties.




LASO Transportes SA was present, for the 4th consecutive year, in the largest World Fair related to Special Transportation. - Breakbulk Europe 2018.
This year the fair was held in Bremen.
We hereby publish the moment of the address of our Director Mr. Pedro Pedrosa at the closing ceremony.

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Happy Birthday LASO!



LASO celebrated 11 years of activity!

We are aware of having fulfilled our duty and the mission we set ourselves with new experiences, new achievements, great moments and respecting the values ​​in which we believe and practice.

Throughout these 11 years we are convinced to have surpassed all the expectations of those who have rewarded us with their trust. Customers, suppliers and friends are the reason for our existence, commitment and dedication.

When we celebrate 11 years of activity we can look back with pride of what we have built. But it is in the present that we must review our plans, our strategy, consider new challenges in order to expand the possibility of new achievements and dreams that we have and want to accomplish in the future. And the future is already today.

We believe that in this new year LASO will also continue to be part of your plans, achievements and even your dreams, and that our partnerships and our friendship will increase for many good years!
Together we are stronger and together we will continue to "Overcome Obstacles".

Congratulations LASO! Congratulations to you!