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Laso Abnormal Loads and its affiliates with a very preponderant roll within the Spanish borders.

All manufacturers of the wind energy sector are very keen with the Spanish Market.
Winning parties launched offers with the maximum possible discount, so the Ministry manages to save the maximum amount contemplated by the regulations that developed this auction, most likely the last one before 2020 when the country should have 20% renewable energy production due to the assumed commitment with Brussels.
Laso AB assumed close to the wind manufacturers the commitment for inland transports of more than 1 GIGAWATT, creating conditions to achieve high delivery rates in order to be a success for all involved parties.




LASO Transportes SA was present, for the 4th consecutive year, in the largest World Fair related to Special Transportation. - Breakbulk Europe 2018.
This year the fair was held in Bremen.
We hereby publish the moment of the address of our Director Mr. Pedro Pedrosa at the closing ceremony.

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Happy Birthday LASO!



LASO celebrated 11 years of activity!

We are aware of having fulfilled our duty and the mission we set ourselves with new experiences, new achievements, great moments and respecting the values ​​in which we believe and practice.

Throughout these 11 years we are convinced to have surpassed all the expectations of those who have rewarded us with their trust. Customers, suppliers and friends are the reason for our existence, commitment and dedication.

When we celebrate 11 years of activity we can look back with pride of what we have built. But it is in the present that we must review our plans, our strategy, consider new challenges in order to expand the possibility of new achievements and dreams that we have and want to accomplish in the future. And the future is already today.

We believe that in this new year LASO will also continue to be part of your plans, achievements and even your dreams, and that our partnerships and our friendship will increase for many good years!
Together we are stronger and together we will continue to "Overcome Obstacles".

Congratulations LASO! Congratulations to you!


Interview | 11 Years LASO



1. Can we say that, over the 11 years of LASO, the slogan "ULTRAPASSAMOS OBSTÁCULOS", represents the path of the Company?

PEDRO PEDROSA (PP): Yes. The path of LASO over the last 11 years has been pursued with the aim of growing in a structured and consolidated way. However, our activity is not easy and presents us with daily challenges. For this reason we understand that the path of our success has been marked by overcoming obstacles.

PAULO FRANCO (PF): The purpose of our dedication is to be able to respond to the constant increase of our clients' demands, to be at the forefront of our market and to do so, always, in a structured and consolidated manner.
This is how we achieved a position of excellence. We are today one of the 5 best companies in Europe.

2. Which Key Points do you think were the basis for this growth?

PP: We ourselves have been able to overcome our differences, based on mutual respect. With all our decisions we have tried to be as assertive as possible, always in support of the organization we created in 2007.
I must also emphasize the dedication of all those who accompany us on this journey and who are part of the company. We do not seek perfection, but rather the commitment and attitude of all to do well.

PF: The constant investment in the renewal of our fleet, the training of our employees, the general reorganization of the company helped the growth, increased the size of LASO and improved the business.

3. The LASO Fusion Process is already known. But the fact that it has remained to this day is clearly a demonstration of strength and confirms the assertiveness of this decision. Agree?

PP: Whenever there is a change, there are difficulties of adaptation. The companies had different management models and joining around 300 employees in a different process was not easy.
However, people have assimilated LASO's processes and vision to the market and this has helped us, with around 850 employees, to be in perfect harmony in a single company and strategy.

PF: The end result is proof that the path was well delineated and developed by all. We take the opportunity to congratulate all employees, in particular drivers. We can be even more assertive, attentive and fulfilling. There is room for growth and improvement. However, we are grateful for your commitment, the spirit of sacrifice and for being with us, the management, in order to overcome all obstacles and make LASO the best company in the market.

4. Do you agree that our customers are also to be congratulated?

PP: Obviously. When we achieve success, we achieve it together with our clients. When we meet our goals, it means that our customers also achieve it.
More than providing services, LASO seeks a partnership relationship with its customers. We want to be much more than just suppliers.

PF: LASO is a company that creates solutions, optimizes costs, presents the best service in the market. Our mission is clearly to exceed customer expectations.
The relationship we have with our clients is based on professionalism, the rigor of operations and the transparency of relations. We are very grateful to all those who trust in us. For all this, every LASO customer is in Congratulations today, too.

5. These 11 years have been marked by Growth. How do you view the Future?

PP: The last years have been rich in several initiatives, where I emphasize the increase and remodeling of the company's staff, the continuous bet on the training of employees, investment in foreign markets and the acquisition and modernization of fleet (regular processes). New facilities (COP), remodeling of maintenance areas in Casais da Serra and Cacia, internal reorganization of business areas and support departments and significant advances in the integration of employees. Technological innovation and commitment to the quality of service provided to our customers. Establishment of new branches in Valencia, Madrid, Morocco, Mozambique and Senegal.
PF: In the future we want to reinforce the positioning of the best company in providing transportation services, continuing the LASO brand recognition as a success factor associated with all those who entrust us with their trust: Customers, employees, suppliers and Friends.
All these bets are part of an ongoing, sustained and integrated process that aims to cement and consolidate LASO as a National and International benchmark.

A total of 48 GOLDHOFER Lines on the way to LASO



LASO purchased 6 sets Goldhofer 3 + 5 with bed tube tubes up to 30 meters, with capacity for 120 tones each.





LASO activity in The Gambia



Technological Innovation and Environmental Concern



In 2017 LASO traveled over 10 Million Kilometers in relation to the year 2016. They were more than 40 Million in total.

On the other hand, and regardless of the increase of vehicles on the road and services performed, we can also say that the average fuel consumption and CO2 / km production decreased by about 4%.

Concern for the environment is an integral part of our corporate culture and the improvement of these results is due to technological innovation, continuous training of drivers and the acquisition of new vehicles with recent engines.

Between 2016 and 2017 the LASO fleet increased 35%



From the beginning of 2016 until the end of 2017 the amount of LASO equipment increased by about 35%.
LASO now has more than 1500 equipments available.

Although the focus is on the International, these acquisitions were transversal to all the Departments and Business Areas of the Company.

Only in 2017 will we invest more than 5 Million Euros in this field. By 2018 we will exceed 10 Million Euros in the acquisition of new equipment.

This bet is in line with the growth we have achieved and, above all, with our maximum objective of exceeding the expectations of our customers. We want to effectively overcome obstacles and provide all kinds of solutions.

LASO employees increased by about 30%



From the beginning of 2016 until the end of 2017 the number of LASO employees increased by about 30%.

This growth is symptomatic of the evolution of the company and represents our business and employer dynamics.

This bet is related to the increase in workload. To provide the best response to all service requests and therefore exceed our customers' expectations, the need to increase the company's staff was a natural consequence.

In addition, the acquisition of new equipment, the bet in the International and the investment in new facilities also promoted this evolution.

FROTA | Acquisition of 6 Mercedes




TRAINING | First aid



During the month of November, the Quality and Innovation Department developed a set of training courses for LASO employees on the theme "First Aid".

The main objective of this initiative was to equip students with the necessary knowledge to apply basic life support techniques (SBV) through the acquisition of general knowledge of first aid.

This theme is part of a series of complementary initiatives aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of our employees in the most varied contexts of their professional and personal activity.

Acquisition of Fleet



LASO Transportes SA invests in new Volvo units with Nooteboom trailers extending to 21 meters.

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