LASO - Special Transport

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Major Projects and Wind Power

The circulation of oversized and heavy vehicles in public roads represents a permanent challenge.

Discover how, at your service, we are prepared to overcome any barrier.

General Cargo

LASO has a diversified fleet and qualified drivers certified in international transportation.

Discover our TIR vehicles specially targeted to provide this type of service.

Machine Haulers

LASO has adopted a new and diversified range of chassis and platforms for every machine model and size.

Discover how we guarantee the best transport ation service for your machine.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes offer a quick and skilled global cargo service, in cargo handling and its vertical positioning.

Meet the drivers qualified to perform this type of operations.

LASO Highlights

LASO in Northern Europe


The first 3 transports (of 14) with total dimensions of 28.00m x 4.00m x 4.50m, made between Barcelona and Norway.Not even the snow stops us! We Overcoming Obstacles!


Wind Power overcoming obstacles in Spain!


Transportation of 65m GAMESA blades, from Aoiz to As Somozas.


Transportation with more than 7m Width


Transport of part from Spain, with more than 7.00m of Width, to the Dam of Ribeira de Pena.